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Spotted Thursday night at Ben’s Chili Bowl: Wesley Snipes.

The actor visited the U Street institution for a late-night snack after a press screening of his latest film, “Brooklyn’s Finest.” The movie was shown nearby at the Lincoln Theatre.

(Hat tip: Dylan Perry)

The vegetarian chili was delicious.


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I thought it was just me:

I just moved to DC. I almost cry every time I run past the Lincoln and ever-so-phallic Washington Memorials (approximately three times a week).

My favorite YouTube video of all time?

I visited the Smithsonian Museum of American History this weekend and dorked out in the Abe Lincoln exhibit. And then I visited the National Portrait Gallery and dorked out in the Presidents’ section (and the pretty neat Presidents on Time exhibit).

As the weekend drew to a close, I sensed something was in the air…

“Has anyone else noticed that the founders are really, really hot these days?” I asked a group of my fellow dorked out editorial interns.

“Um, it’s Presidents’ Day?”


But still, there is definitely a thing right now about the founders. There’s the obvious “Tenthers” movement, those Tea Partiers obsessed with the tenth amendment (the one that gives all powers not specifically associated with the federal government to the state).  There’s the NYTimes magazine article from this Sunday, asking “How Christian Were the Founders?”

And even in my crowd, there’s the recent obsession with this video (probably more related to Prez Day but whatever).

I’m glad this American Prospect blog gave me a name for what I (along with apparently everyone else) am feeling:

Founding Fathers Fetishism.

Maybe those Tea Partiers are on to something. The seductive combination of wigs, fake teeth, democracy, and rich white males have my panties in a twist.

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